We hope that everyone is staying safe in this wild world that we live in right now.  Thank you for your patience with our volunteer board as we navigate this unprecedented season. Right now its to soon to see what things will be in the next 4-6 weeks. MSA is working hard at  with keeping updated and moving forward.


Martensville Soccer has been in contact with our governing bodies (the Valley Soccer Association, and the Saskatchewan Soccer Association)(VSA, SSA) and have been informed that we are to go ahead as if our season will continue at the end of April as planned. Until we hear different please understand we need patience. MSA is working this week at looking ahead with season plans that we can control. MSA U5, U7 play in house and we can move that around for them to have a season. MSA U9 and U11's play along with Warman and we work close with them through out the season. MSA in confident in those age groups also that plans can be made. MSA U13 and U15 play within the Valley. VSA makes those schedules so at this time we have to sit back and wait to see plans as they role them out.


There is a lot that goes into the development of the season.  Much of this is easy enough to do from our home computers, however there may be some delays and/or changes to the following items;  Start times, team building, pre-season practices.  Please be patient with us as we navigate these speedbumps, and we will try to keep everyone updated on the website and by email as things progress.


PLEASE NOTE MSA board has also decided that social media pages ie. Facebook WILL NOT be used at this time for getting info out. Unfortunately this is a very time consuming feature. Our Webpage and emails will be the ways MSA board will get info to you has we have it.

On March 15th, 2020 all season teams had to be into the VSA and believe us (we had been 1 day late getting it in) I was reminded to complete this or face a late fine. All our deadlines are in place and need to be followed.

Message to MSA from VSA....

VSA understands that at this time you may find it challenging to meet deadlines, however, we still have deadlines to meet with SSA and those deadlines for us have not changed. Our administrator is doing her best to stay on top of everything, but in order to do so, we need our member organizations to still work together with us.

One STEP at a TIME is all we can do together! Look for the positive in the dark time. 


Thank you!

Martensville Soccer Association.


Updated March 23/2020

Important Info

March 18, 2020

Good Day MSA Families, we want to take some time and reach out to all our families. With the COVID-19 the health and safety of the soccer community is our number one priority. The MSA along with the VSA will follow all Canada Soccer and Saskatchewan Soccer Recommendations when it comes to the current indoor season and the 2020 Outdoor Soccer Season.


MSA outdoor registration has been completed. At this time MSA will have a COMPLETE hold of the Indoor and Outdoor season. We believe at this time we need to give it time.  Starting on THURSDAY MARCH 19th, 2020 until MARCH 29th, 2020 the MSA board will taking some time for our families and also our MSA families. MSA board will be working on our plan on moving forward. Emails and calls at this time we ask for our MSA families to understand we will do the best we can to answer these. Please also remember the MSA RUNS on all VOLUNTEER HOURS. Lots happening for everyone right now. Thanks for understanding. Once we have a plan in place we will role it out starting with the Indoor season and moving into the outdoor season.


Message from the SSA from March 13th, 2020

Saskatchewan Soccer continues to follow the developments around the Novel Coronavirus (COVID 19). The health and safety of all members is the top priority as we make decisions and share information.


As of 3:30 p.m. EST (1:30 p.m. CST) Canada Soccer has announced that they are suspending all domestic sanctioned soccer activities immediately, Saskatchewan Soccer is following their decision and suspending all soccer activities in the province until further notice. These are precautionary measures that are made with participants in mind. Sanctioned activities include all competitions, training, coach and match official education and team building activities.


Full Canada Soccer Announcement.


As the situation continues to change rapidly, there is no way to predict what will transpire in the coming days and weeks. We encourage members to continue to plan for the outdoor soccer season. Saskatchewan Soccer continues to work diligently and will be monitoring the situation.


In regards the Saskatchewan Soccer AGM we are currently working through the details. A communication will be sent out to all member organizations once more information is available.




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