Under 8 Teams and Info



Please note at this time we don't have coaches for all teams some changes may need to be made when coaches and our helpers step up.




Team Spain


Coach: Josh R.


Assistant Coach:




Jase B.

Mannix B.

Sophia G.

Declan H.

Jesse I.

Declan M.

Blake M.

Daxton E.




Team France


Coach: Zac C. 


Assistant Coach:





Jordi H-B * player change*

Owen C.

Andrew E.

McKenna M.

Olive Mc.

Preston H.

Hayden R.

Aladzic N.




Team England


Coach: Travis S. / Zac C.


Assistant Coach: 




Jayde H.

Kierstyn S.

Kason N.

Brayden D.

Samantha R.

Gunner S.

William P.




Team Italy


Coach: Travis S.


Assistant Coach:




Carte H.

Zack J.

Rylee T.

Darius M.

Jude D.

Nickson R.

Charlotte S.




Last Email Sent.......







Hello Under 8 Player and Parent, We at MSA want to take this time to welcome you all to the 2017/2018 Fall and Winter Indoor soccer season.  We want to thank each and all of you for your patience in us being able to get this season out for you.


We are still looking for 2 coaches and some assistants. Most important right now is that we get the coaching in place. Teams may be changed due to someone stepping up to coach. We will let all know by email of any changes.  Please let us know ASAP if you can fill a spot for us. We can help you throughout the season. We are all volunteers for what matters the most……. our kids!!!


Schedules and Teams have been listed on the webpage under the INDOOR TAB. On the left hand side when your in the indoor tab you will see our age groups.


PLEASE note that the OCTOBER 16th and October 18th nights will be a INFORMATION night with a small practice time. We ask that you plan to be at the MAP on the 16th NO LATER then 6:45pm we will be starting right at that time with the parents and players meetings. Jerseys will be handed out also on this night of soccer. That being said it may be a good night to allow only parents, players and siblings to attend. We would like the players to have a relax start to the season getting to meet everyone and the coaches. We all know that everyone would like to come and see them out on our first night but lets please try and save those nights for a later time.


Reminder the we ask if you can step up and help out you contact the MSA ASAP so we know what we need to plan for. The sooner we know the faster we can get info out to the parents.


Questions please check our webpage. Our webpage is currently being updated this weekend. Please note that we are ALL volunteers and have our family and jobs that we also have to care for. If you can help we currently have board spots open and will be meeting for interviews here towards the end of October. Please email us at martensvillesoccer@gmail.com if you can help. Thanks a bunch and see you soon…….