Our indoor season is about to start. I truly hope all our little players are ready to get out there.  We are very ready to see them out on the turf. Please know that we will have a lot of information coming the first few weeks of soccer. We asked you keep updated on our webpage or feel free to email, call or text our President Jaimie at or 639-317-7305. Please try and check the webpage before email/calling/texting Jaimie.


I want to start with guidelines that we all need to follow at the MAP. All children in the U6 and U8 age groups need to have parent supervision at all times at field 3. If your child is in the U10 program a parent needs to be in the building at all times. Please communicate with our U10 coaching staff if you're choosing to go workout at the MAP during that time.  The coaches are not here to babysit your children they are here to teach them the game of soccer.


The MAP (Martensville Athletic Pavilion) facility is for us to use on field 3 only. We ask that you sit on the bleachers and that you are not wandering around the MAP facility at any time while you are here with the MSA. All spectating children need to be with the parents at all times while soccer is in play. We ask that you clean up and exit immediately after the games are over. Some nights we only have less then 10 minutes between games so we need this to go as smoothly as possible. We ask that you wait to enter the field area and bleachers until the previous game is over. Most importantly we asked that the children are not running around on the field prior or after games. We ask that all parents keep all MSA players with them until their coach asks his/her players to come out onto the field. The field is only for the use of a registered players at all times. We ask that we have our MSA players at the field 5-10 mins prior to playtime. We ask that all MSA players from U8 and up sit as a team along the blue curtain wall.  All teams will help with set ups, take downs, time keepers, lines.  


Very important MAP policies......


1. Absolutely no food or open drinks in the field area or bleachers

2. All children are supervised and with a parent at all times

3. ALL MSA SPECTATORS stay in the field area

4. Do not enter upstairs unless you have paid to be upstairs on the walking track or workout area.

5. Please take the hallway around to field 3. Please do not walk through the courts or around the walking track upstairs.

6. Please remove all outdoor shoes and place them on the racks.

7. Please make sure all players water bottles are in no spill bottles at all times.

8. Field use is for MSA PLAYERS ONLY AT ALL TIMES.


     If you have any questions or concerns we please ask that you contact us by email at or call/text Jaimie at 639-317-7305. 

Find us on Facebook at Martensville Soccer Association 


Thanks again for joining us for our Indoor Soccer Season


Martensville Soccer Indoor

2019/2020 Season


Info TBA


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Martensville Athletic Pavilion (MAP) is the host for our INDOOR SEASONS!!!!