Fundraising Outdoor 2019

We are excited to announce some local talent that will be teaming up with us for fundraising this year!  Get ready ladies for some fun, play-approved scrunchies!  You will be able to show your Martensville colors and show off some cute style with these new products.  


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Fundraising - Indoor 2019/2020

Fundraising Package 2019/2020 



NEW this year PRINT IT NOW.......


We want to welcome back Baba Pierogies for our 2018 Fundraising....... This year we set up a printable online form and a link to the webpage of Baba Pierogies for info of the product. Baba's has been with us the last two indoor seasons as a option for fund-raising. This year we have decided to only go with this option. 


When can you START???  NOW


Print  your form (found below) and start now!!!


How much do you need to do???


Each player is required to fundraise a minimum of $100 


Fundraising is important for the up and coming years of soccer in Martensville. Just recently we put money towards the redevelopment of the Chrome Dome outdoor soccer pitch. This took us YEARS to work towards. 


The work isn’t done. What’s next you ask???? LOTS OF EXCITING THINGS such as an INDOOR FACILITY, outdoor fields, storage facility needs and more. We need to look at the future for all kids and the game of soccer.



FUNDRAISING OVER $100  For each player that raises over $100 we have PRIZES……. This year we will be posting pics of the prize winners right here!!!  We have MSA clothing, gift cards and more!!! Please help us reach our larger goals. 


Fundraising Balance Sheet
Fundraising Balance Sheet PDF.pdf
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Fundraising Package
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