The Field Marshal Program is intended to assign one individual from each team to speak up on behalf of the referee among their fellow parents, spectators, peers, and/or coaches.  All teams participating in league play must designate an individual at each game to act as a Field Marshal.

The individual acting as the Field Marshal (FM) must be named on the team’s game sheet (may be placed on one of the tabs for ASST Coach). Teams may be fined if they do not list their FM on the game sheet.


Responsibilities of the Field Marshal

Before the game:

1.  Obtain the Field Marshal binder or clipboard.

2.  Make sure all equipment is on the field including nets and corner flags.

3.  Ensure players and spectators are on their respective sides of the field.

Please ensure all parents are far enough back that the linesman can run without interference, this includes legs sticking out.

4.  Position yourself in the middle of your team’s half of the spectators’ seating area, which is to be on the opposite side of the players bench (no spectators on the team player side of the field or behind goal nets)


During the game:

1.  Maintain good order, discipline and a safe environment for all players, spectators, coaches and referees. Ensure the VSA Code of Conduct is upheld.

2.  Be attentive to the comments, actions, and behavior of your teams’ parents/spectators.

3.  Quickly diffuse potential problems before they arise by either being visible or calmly speaking with the individual(s) involved.

4.  Deal with, and act on, inappropriate comments, gestures and/or general unsportsmanlike behavior directed at referees, players or any other individual by spectators.  But, please avoid getting into a confrontation.  If someone is still hostile after being asked to calm down, please gather as much information but do not put yourself in a dangerous position. The Field Marshal will not interfere with the coach but can gather information should he/she deem it necessary and forward this information to their community committee and/or VSA for follow-up.  The FM is not expected to put him/herself in a situation which may compromise their safety and instead are asked to contact their community committee and/or VSA and  fill in a Game Grievance report form located in the field marshal binder or on the VSA website.

After the game:

1.  Help take down all equipment after the game is done, if this is the last game played on the field that day.

2.  Ensure that field is left cleaned, pick up any garbage remaining and dispose of properly.

3.  Pick up any lost or forgotten items and give to the coach.

4.  Return the Field Marshal binder or clipboard.

Updated: December, 2016