$90 Fundraising Information


Working towards the future!!  MSA is looking towards the future of the game and more. In 2020 MSA has moved to adding fundraising to our outdoor season. We wanted to make it simple and FUN. All players are to receive a package with 2- $25 coupon book and 2 - $20 coupon sheets for you to sell. 




Unable to Volunteer????


MSA is run 100% on VOLUNTEERS. Every role thoughout the association from our President, board, coaches, field help and more are volunteers. All volunteer bonds require 2 hours of time per bond.


If you are unable to help, the MSA has an option for extra fundraising packages. How does this work???


Purchase a package of coupons up front to sell. The coupon package includes 4 - $25 books and 2 - $20 coupon sheets at a total of $140. These will be available at fee drop off and also through the MSA Board. If you need them after fee drop off night on March 5th, 2020 please email us ar martensvillesoccer@gmail.com. Thanks 


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